LMCTF Invitational Contest

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Two winners will be awarded a LMCTF goodie of their choice for the following:

1.  The BEST or FUNNIEST cap.

2. The most minutes on http://www.theclq.com/.

This contest is for members of  ATG , AOD , WODB , PBX .

and will begin Feb. 28 , 1999 - Mar. 6, 1999.

If you have any Questions, please post on our Message Board

1 . Rules for the BEST or FUNNIEST cap:

      -A demo less than 1 meg of your best cap.

      -The best cap will be judged on the following:  Speed, and Difficulty of Execution

      -The demo must show your name capping.      

      -You may play on any map of your choice including the new maps. (map size is not a factor)

      -Defenders are not required.

      -Send ME the demo before Mar. 7, 1999.

1 . Rules for the most minutes on http://www.theclq.com/:

    -Your name and clan name is required.

      -Your average Frags per minute must be above 1.00.

      -Notify ME of  your stats on  Mar.7, 1999.