Tuesday, Mar. 9,1999


Thursday, Mar. 4,1999

All players in Clan statistics (ATG, LMCTF)
with 100 minutes or more
CLQ Period Player
Rank Rating Minutes Frags Average ping
in progress Feb 28 - Mar 6 Pengo[atg] 280 22,753 621 2,101 68
    Rogue<ATG> 270 23,241 358 1,261 94
    gisBORO[atg] 845 13,176 229 628 323
    scandal [ATG] 1,108 10,980 186 456 91
    Sandman[ATG] 2,916 122 177 78 308


Wednesday, Mar. 3,1999

  • Practice tomorrow (Thurs) at 7pm EST on our server. Private


Tuesday, Mar. 2,1999

  • Please upgrade to LMCTF 5.0 , if you have not already done so.
  • The upgrade contains a pak7.pak file, so if u have a pak7.pak file already, rename it. (pak0-9)
  • I would like to schedule a practice this Thursday.


Monday, Mar. 1,1999

Friday, Feb. 25,1999

The scrimm with Clan Valhalla is postpone to Monday.


Thursday, Feb. 25,1999

- Please sign up for the scrimm with Clan Valhalla this Friday.    For more info Private.

- Thanx Pantera for setting up the Women vs Men Invitational last night.

- The official maps for LMCTF 5.0 has been posted on http://www.planetquake.com/lmctf/.

- I have changed our Contest prizes to these cool LMCTF goodies instead.


frontshirt.gif (11899 bytes)backshirt.gif (9870 bytes)

Tuesday, Feb. 23,1999

Check this mod out Rocket Olympics.  Here's a Screenshot.


Monday, Feb. 22,1999

-We will be practicing tonight at 6pm EST on our server.  For more info Private.

-I am sorry to report our match with OBC has been cancelled.  It's hard to see a clan that's been on OGL for so long dropping.

-We will be hosting and playing the Women vs Men Invitational on Wednesday.  (Gisboro , Sandman , and myself )

Friday, Feb 17,1999

We've been challenged by OBC.

I would like to schedule a practice for next monday.

Wednesday, Feb 17,1999

Me and Gisboro are in the Women vs Men Invitational.

Um, I screwed up.  The scrimm with PBX is 7:00pm EST, not 6.  Doh!

This will be a fun scrimm, with mixed players and different weapons for the map.

I have posted a new topic on our Message Board.

And we will have a tryout tomorrow night at 9:00pm EST.

For more info, Private area.

We are hosting a new LMCTF Contest.

Invitational LMCTF Contest

athenaspin.gif (43044 bytes)

Two winners will be awarded a Jungle Marine Athena  for the following:

1.  The BEST cap.

2. The most minutes on http://www.theclq.com/.

This contest is for members of  ATG , AOD , WODB , PBX .

and will begin Feb. 28 , 1999 - Mar. 6, 1999.

A Grand Prize (a Registered copy of Gamespy or Battle Field Commander) will be awarded , if  a player displayed expectional Skillz.

Tuesday, Feb 16,1999

The private area has been updated.

Monday, Feb 15, 1999

The lineup for our scrimms and match have been updated.

Let me know what u think.

Thursday, Feb. 11, 1999

I will be posting our lineup, for our upcoming scrimms and match on Monday.

So if you have not signed up, please sign up before Monday.

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1999

I have updated our private section with some good news!

Tuesday, Feb 9, 1999

Here's our schedule:

This week , Practice is Thursday 6:00pm EST.  No Scrimms or Matches.

Next week, We will have no practices but three scrimms lined up against AOD, PBX , and WODB.

If you can play , please sign up for those scrimms on our Message board. 

Also we may be getting a new player this practice Fartboy.

So please attend practice to get to know him.

Monday, Feb 8, 1999

I have created a new post on our Message board.

The members and private section has been updated.

So please check it out.

Thursday, Feb 4, 1999


We would like to meet in our Chat room at 5:30pm EST.

Practice is at 6:00pm EST.

Scrimmage against our good friends PBX at 7:00pm EST.

OGL match against RR this Sunday at 3:00pm EST. 

For more info, check out the private area.

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1999

We have practice Thursday, Feb. 4, 1999 (6:00pm EST).

Oh yeah, today is Rat's birthday.  So if you see him online, frag him good.


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